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We create hat, you design your own.

We create hat, you design your own.

There are types of cyber security professional and they are identified as different colour of hat.

  • Black Hat.
  • White Hat.
  • Grey Hat.

In internet, everyone should aware of or equipped with security knowledge. Therefore we provide training and education to all level of internet users.

Our Mission

Provide high quality cyber security training and education to everyone.

Our Vision

Everyone stay safe in Internet.

Customized Learning

Design and customize the cyber security training to fullfill the organization's requirement.

Authorized Training Partner

We are ISACA Training Partner to conduct Certificate of Cloud Auditing Knowledge (CCAK) training course.

Training and Education Services

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Cyber Security Foundation

A transformation for IT employee to a Cyber security workforce.

Cloud Security Audit

We are ISACA Training Partner to conduct CCAK training course.

Security Awareness

It is crucial for everyone to aware of cyber security.

Incident Response

Train the team to prepare and react to cyber incident.

Red team/ Blue Team

Equipped your security team with the new attack.


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